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Our belief is that the millennial generation has too few opportunities to express themselves artistically. That’s where SWAG comes in. SWAG stands for “Students With Artistic Genius,” and is a program designed to give youth the opportunity to find unique expression through dance, art, poetry, and music. The TDC supports both the fine arts and the performing arts and is looking for partners to provide space and places for our programs to take root.

SWAG participants explore their unique artistic genius and discover their voice through workshops centered on dancing (break-dancing/hip-hop), creative writing (poetry, poetry slams), photography, video production, and art (painting, graffiti art).

Although SWAG is focused on tapping into the artistic genius of our youth in today’s generation, our main focus is to teach young people about the importance of community, collaboration, and fellowship.

donate here. SWAG is looking for financial partners as well as volunteers. Since SWAG falls under the umbrella of The Total Development Center (TDC) any donations that are made to SWAG will be made out to The Total Development Center and should be noted that the donation is for SWAG.

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