Attitude Formation

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“Attitude is everything” and the proper attitude creates opportunities for TDC students to flourish. Through programs that aim to help students discover their deceptive brain messages, a four step process can be taught that will use the mind to change the brain. Research at UCLA in the field of self-directed neuroplasticity has demonstrated that thoughts and feelings can be brought under control through focus of attention. Kids can be taught how to respond instead of reacting and the results are powerful and transforming.

Your biology is not your destiny. The daily renewing of your mind through encouragement and unconditional love for self and others is essential to living a life of success and significance. The TDC’s program called “A Champion’s Heart” is geared to helping every student develop the skills necessary to create a positive self-image, build relationships, achieve worthwhile predetermined goals, and make a positive contribution to the community in which the student resides.

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